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Building & architectural stainless steel

  • Architectural stainless steel
  • Outdoor art, objects and decor made from metal such as the recently
    completed "Number One" stainless steel sculpture at Heuston South
    Quarter supplied by Accutool
  • Stainless Steel building systems and related products in the glass wall
    manufacturing area  (compare picture of spider components)
  • Extruded Aluminum sections cut and welded
  • Connection cleats and systems
  • Tooling related to manufacturing specialised sections

Defence Sector

Our warehouse carries more than 200 line items for supply to the military defence
industry, such as specialised gearboxes to use in rough terrain, hardened and
ground shafts for high-quality braking systems or products used in simulated
training modules and for the
Robotic sector, we manufacture precision components for track assemblies, GPS positioning and motion control casings, precision linkages for the robotic arm and manipulation elements

Other outsourced processes such as hardening and tempering, painting, anodising, irradiating, chromium coating,
nitriding etc. are managed by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System


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