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Accutool operates from a 17000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Dublin 15. We have a wide range of production and test equipment, which is available on a 24-hour x 7 days basis if required.


We use SolidWorks to design or re-engineer custom projects.

When technical drawings are not available we use this solid modelling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program.





Quality Dept. Equipment: ISO 9001 QMS  

Brown & Sharp CMM with Pcdimis software & a Renishaw 5-axis  measuring head.

Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S 574 CNC CMM XYZ Range 500x700x400mm         

Temperature control rooms using Air Dryer (IDG30LA-03).                                            

Tesa height gauge

A full set of measuring equipment is maintained in our QA Dept.   

Hardness tester

Surface roughness testing

Gauge blocks, micrometres, and verniers

Micro Scopes


3 D Printing Dept


The DLS process (digital light synthesis™) prints up to 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing methods. It uses a software-controlled chemical reaction process to grow parts. The resultant parts are similar to injection moulding – virtually layer-free with consistent isotropic and predictable mechanical properties.

SLA 3 D Printer and scanner 120mm x 150mm x 150mm.

 The SLA process starts with a 3D printer containing a tank of UV-curable resin. When a print begins, the build platform is submerged in the tank and a laser beam traces the contours of a part, solidifying the layer of liquid resin. Once the layer is complete, the build platform is lowered, making room for the next layer SLA (stereolithography)


CNC Turning Department 

Doosan Puma GT 2100 with 65mm bore (purchased March 2017)

Doosan Lynx 2100 purchased Feb 2018

Mori Seiki CL 150 turning centre

3 x Hyundai HIT 18S turning centres with Siemens control (70mm in the bore) (validated for medical production)

1 Megga saw 250. Automatic band saw.


Center Lathes

Morton FEL 1660 Center lathe

Swift Cut FEL 1440 Center lathe

IMA Bl-1230 center lathe



CNC Milling 3 Axis with 4th, 5th Axis attachments

 3 x Hurco i10's

Hurco. Vm 20i              

Hurco. Vmx 30

Hurco. Vmx 24

Hardinge. Vm600 (5th Axis 120mm chuck)

Hardinge. VM600

Hurco. Hawk

2 Gate Eclipse 2 axis CNC. machine

10 Conventional Bridgeport milling machines with 3 axis. DRO’s 


CNC Surface Grinding.

 2 x Andmar YSG-1224TS with Speedtec control it has a capacity of  300mm x 600mm with a fine pole magnetic chuck and automatic dressing & compensation.


CNC Wire Spark Erosion

1 Mitsubishi RA90 EDM Wire Spark Erosion with a machining capability of 350 x 200 mm x 150mm 

The EDM process complements our existing range of CNC milling and turning capabilities and allows us to create tapers, small radii, complex contours, and surface finishes within tolerances of just a few µm, either as a stand-alone subcontract offering or as part of supply-complete projects.

1 Die  Sinker Deckel DE10

1 manual Jones & Shipman surface grinder



Laser Cutting and Laser Marking

2 off GCC Laser Pro 450 capacity 450mm x 350mm & 6mm thick plastic

1 Laser Pro C180


CNC Router

1 Router 30,000 RPM 1.3 meters X 1 meter capacity


Fabrication & Welding Dept 

HACO 100 tonne CNC Press break

HACO 3 meter Guillotine with digital control

Corner Notcher & hole puncher

Miter saw.

8 welding machines including MIG & TIG

Grinding and polishing to cleanroom standards. 


Cleaning Dept

Elma Ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Hygea Ultra wave ultrasonic machine 


Finishing  Dept

Bead blasting cabinets,

 Polishing machines

 linishing m/c’s











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Address: Plato Business Park, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, Ireland

Tel: +(353) 1 8066020

Fax: +(353) 1 8066117

Email: Please use the contacts page.



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