CAD Design

Our design & engineering department offers support to our customers in the areas
of design, m
aterial selection, production, assembly, on-site installation.

We also offer our standard product range of stainless steel materials,
handling, and processing equipment. Our highly experienced engineering
staff provides tool design and tooling support for today’s busy
manufacturing engineering.

Projects range from simple holding, storage, or masking fixtures to complex
pick and place units that need a high level of CAD drawing and
engineering specification. These are supplied with full engineering
certification and materials trace ability along with a list of spare parts and
CE Marking.

Some of our projects include

  • Equipment for automatic handling and insertion of orthopedic components
    in subassemblies
  • Special washing machines presenting components to the nozzle area
  • Sorting machines and vibration machines for the grading of fine products
  • Machines designed incorporating materials selected for corrosive suitations

  • Materials handling solutions in the Biomedical and Food & Drinks industries

  • Conveyor systems

We have also designed

  • Support & production tooling 

  • Clamping fixtures

  • Assembly jigs 

  • Customised workstations

  • Test fixtures, mechanical push/pull, destructive, non destructive,
    electronic test, vibration testing, 
    noise levels, torque, liquid flow 

  • Specialised hand tools

  • Hand insertion assembly/disassembly tools

  • Material selection


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Address: Plato Business Park, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, Ireland

Tel: +(353) 1 8066020

Fax: +(353) 1 8066117


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